About Us

High Quality Supplements inspired by the Chakra System

Effective. Potent. Honest.
The Solaris Premium Collection of supplements function in concert
with each other to help replenish low biochemical pools.
Addressing the system, not just the symptom.

The “Premium” Difference.

Meticulously sourced and produced under the highest ethical standards and processes.

Step 1

Ensure Purity of Ingredients

Carefully selecting manufacturers and suppliers to ensure purity of ingredients for optimal potency.

Testing and verifying each ingredient’s certificate of analysis for accuracy prior to production.

Third-party testing to verify final capsules’ contents to ensure truth in labeling.

Step 2

Good Manufacturing Practices

To prevent contamination by humans or other products.

Step 3

Test Potency

Check that potency has not been compromised during processing, and therefore ensuring product efficacy.